Botteon Antonio Srl has been operating with mastery and professionalism in the field of mechanical engineering and manufactoring since 1915.

The company performs contract (full-service or not) operations, including sheet metal working, metal shavings removal, production of components and metal parts, and assembly of machinery and production lines. We specialize in designing and manufacturing of machinery and equipment for material handling, industrial automation and the photovoltaics.

The high technology and automation of our machinery and the specialization of our staff ensure top-quality products at competitive prices. Moreover, the large fleet of machines and the flexible and dynamic personnel structure allow the Company to adapt quickly to the volumes and needs of different orders.

Botteon Antonio Srl currently operates on an area of 9,000 sqm of which 4,200 sqm are indoors. The workforce is composed of three administrative employees, six engineering technicians, one foreman and 36 operators.


This company has changed and evolved over successive generations. In fact the Company was founded in 1915 by Antonio Botteon as a workshop for iron working. After World War II, Roberto and Giuseppe followed in their father’s footsteps in managing the Company, and they increased its resources and strengthened its leadership.

In 1998, the business was taken over by Claudio Pagotto (the nephew of the Botteon brothers) and his son Marco, who have led the company toward a modern management vision that associates experience and tradition with innovation and technology. Since then the business has steadily expanded, embracing new industries and successfully responding to the challenges of the third millennium market.